Dream Holiday at a Tyrolean Farm in Fiss

Our farmhouse Bernardes in Fiss is a member of "holidays on the farm" and was awarded four flowers. We are happy to introduce you to the exciting life as an active farmer and answer all your questions.


Our lovely feline resident "Schnurrilein" is our friendly cat who loves the attention she gets from our guests. She greets our guests and will purr at anyone who takes the time to show her affection. All our young guests love our guinea pig "Blacky" and the cute little bunny "Schneeweisschen". They are used to being stroked if you are gentle with them, and they love it when you feed them their favourite food– carrots!

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Inhaling the Wonderful Scent of Fresh Hay

The work which is performed by tractors, automated mowers, and self-loading wagons was once the hardest job for farmers in Fiss. The vital hay harvest was back-breaking labour for our forefathers and was a huge task without the modern machinery available to us today.


The quality of the hay was excellent, and it was all done by hand. The only help was given by horse-drawn carriages for transportation.

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