Our Life's Philosophy: Natural Health

Our philosophy in life is very simple: live naturally, live healthy. We are very close to nature and feel healthy, balanced and natural by concentrating on what mother earth gives us. We are happy to pass on our knowledge of living in perfect balance with nature at the House BERNARDES and would like to help you gain the natural health we have acquired.


Take the time to treat yourself to pure relaxation and rest and slow down the everyday hustle and bustle and purify your mind, body, and soul.

Pure Relaxation at the House Bernardes

At our lovely House Bernardes you will find lovely warmth and pure well-being.


Feel at home at the comfortable apartments and lodges, walk out into the idyllic beauty of nature, marvel at the lush meadows and pastures, take a dip in our natural swimming pond, and unwind in the fabulous wellness area with a sauna, heated bench, and the wonderful multi-sensory shower.