Adventure World Serfaus, Murmli Water and Högsee Lake

Spend an exciting day discovering the Adventure World in Serfaus at the mid-station of the Komperdellbahn moutain lift. The lovely "Murmli Water" is a water-playground along a natural stream. Children love to build dams, and play with the water wheels and other obstacles. If you love playing with water, you can also try your luck at the gold-panning area. Explore the awesome Marmot Cave and spot a real-life marmot in the special enclosure.

The “Murmli Rodeo” is a fun event with lots of games for children like sack racing, cow herding, and many more. For an extra thrill dare to go on the “Serfauser Sauser”, and try not to scream as you fly through the air at 65 km/h on a wire cable at up to 84 metres height.


The new Hög Adventure Park is a fantastic playground which also teaches children all about alpine farming and forestry. The playground is at the Högsee lake and offers plenty of exciting highlights, games and experiments for children to enjoy, like the giant milk churn, wooden marble tracks, boats, footbridges and an island.

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