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Introduction of the Bernardes Team

We are very proud to introduce your hosts at the Bernardes Apartments in Fiss: the lovely family Grün.


Simone is in charge of the guests well-being,she is glad to help you with your holiday planning and additionally, she is a certified natural herb hiking guide. The man of the house, Bernhard, is a passionate farmer and is in charge of all our animals and the land on the farm.


Our lovely daughter Sarah is our little ray of sunshine, and she thrives in this wonderful surrounding. She loves to play with other young guests and will show her new friends where they can go and stroke all the lovely, friendly animals at the farm. 

And last but surely not least is our fabulous "Oma", who is the best grandma in the world in our opinion. Resi is in charge of keeping every single part of our houses neat and tidy, and we couldn't ask for a better help.



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